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The hydraulic shear blade is a necessary tool for cutting metal plates. Especially when cutting stainless steel products. The blade edge must be sharp, wear-resistant and ductile.
The bending robot workstation uses the robot to communicate with the CNC press brake to form an automatic bending production unit. The bending robot uses the gripper to grasp the sheet metal and cooperate with the press brake machine program to follow the sheet metal track to realize automatic bending.
Why Need Surface Treatment Process of Sheet Metal Materials? In order to improve the service life in harsh environment: anti rust and anti-corrosion ability. Meet the appearance requirements and achieve the required decorative effect.
The Electrical Servo CNC Press Brake, it is the mainstream trend and featured product in the future. WDK Series Hybrid Servo CNC Press Brake provides more advantages on bending speed, energy saving and working environment.
The sheet metal flexible line is a technically complex and highly automated system that organically combines microelectronics, computer and system engineering technologies to ideally and satisfactorily solve the contradiction between high automation and high flexibility in mechanical manufacturing.
Bending processing drawings are indispensable information in the sheet metal bending processing industry. The operators can only complete the bending work piece more effectively by operating in accordance with the bending drawings.