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In the process of sheet metal fabrication, tolerance is unavoidable. Sheet metal tolerance within a certain range is allowed. The out-of-range error is caused by improper operation. What is the tolerance in sheet metal processing? How to reduce tolerance to control workpiece accuracy?
Nowadays, the manufacturing factory has started to upgrade the intelligent workshop to improve productivity and safety. So how should the factory automate sheet metal production?
The robotic bending system is mainly aimed at flexible production of sheet metal parts. Realize the mixed production of different sheet metal products. Through MES production management system for real-time production management and monitoring. The operator can realize 24-hour unmanned production as long as complete the formulation of production tasks.
In automation equipment, we can devide truss manipulator into 3 parts: truss, manipulator and drive system. In machine tools, truss manipulators have high requirements. We require high efficiency and reliability of the manipulator.
CNC front feeding guillotine shear is an upgraded version of ordinary shearing machine continuously optimized according to the actual shearing request from customers. CNC front feed hydraulic shear adopts front positioning, feeding plate by servo motor. Compared with the rear positioning and manual feeding of ordinary shear, which is with higher precision and better stability.
This article introduce 200 Tons hydraulic press brake application to help people choose machine models. As a professional CNC press brake machine manufacturer, Shenchong always have 200 tons 3200mm press brake, 200 tons 4000mm press brake, 200 tons 6000mm hydraulic press brake machine in stock for sale.