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This year, the four roll plate bending machine ordered by Thai customers has been delivered! Thailand Plate Bending Roll Configuration: W12 Four-roll Bending Machine 25X3200mm, Siemens numerical control system, Material 42CrMo forging, With side support
Robot Press Brake Automatic Bending Unit: Servo hybrid CNC press brake 170Ton 4000mm with 200kg ABB robot. The automatic bending unit improves the bending speed and accuracy. Reduce labor costs.
SHENCHONG Robotic Press Brake ABB 500Kg Robot Bending Cell For Sheet Metal. The previous manual bending speed is one hour to complete a plate. In comparison, the efficiency has been improved significantly. Only one worker is required to operate the whole bending production cell, which greatly reduces the company's labor cost.
The CNC Press Brake Machine ordered by Indonesian customers was delivered today!
The CNC hydraulic press brake machine ordered by Argentine customers has been delivered! Workers are packing for shipment to South America. Press Brake Machine Configuration: WEK electro-hydraulic series 800Ton 3200mm 4+1 Axis ESA S630 CNC control system.
Hydraulic guillotine shears ordered by Australian customer has been shipped. Configuration: Hydraulic guillotine series, E21 control system, 12x4000mm and 6x2500mm