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WEK CNC Press Brake Machine

WEK CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine for Sheet Metal Plate Bending. Servo Electric Press Brake, Multi-Axis High-end Series.

- The whole steel plate of CNC hydraulic press brake is welded and the stress is eliminated by the vibration after tempering sandblasted and sprayed with anti-rust paint.

- The machine frame is processed by imported CNC three-dimensional processing center, which ensures the parallelism and verticality of each installation.

- The CNC hydraulic press brake machine has good rigidity and stability.

- Adopt Hydraulic transmission to ensure stable and reliable operation.

- Use electro hydraulic servo system, full closed loop feedback control synchronization.

- Bending machine throat deformation prevention system to ensure the accuracy of bending.

- Comfortable operation and state-of-the-art technology significantly improve the bending efficiency.

Advantages and differences:

- Upward bending design: low noise level and stable working condition.

- Double guide rail structure: sliding block runs more smoothly.

- Slow return function: users can better control the sheet metal.

- Multi-axis available: 4 axis, 5 axis, 6 axis, 7 axis, 8 axis

- CNC crowning: Mechanical or hydraulic table crowning.

- Upper punch compensation.

- Back gauge controlled by computer system, able to bend complex workpiece.

- The bottom dead center has holding time and can be programmed for various precision requirements of different parts.

- Adjustable bending speed with fastest speed of 180-200mm/s.

- Higher precision and higher efficient than torsion bar synchronous press brake.

- Famous European brands controller available: DELEM, CYBLEC, ESA, ELGO.

- With more than 6 axis, it can be connected to ROBOT.

CNC Press Brake Standard Components:

- ESA S630 CNC control unit

- 4+1 or more axis CNC

- Y1, Y2 precision ram positioning

- Standard X and R-axis

- CNC dynamic crowning

- Large open height/ stroke/ throat depth

- Double section arm NOK seal ring

- Schneider and ABB electric components

- High Siemens efficiency motor

- Stand By Function for energy-saving drive

- Rear cover: Safety barriers (Category IV)

- Sheet metal frontal supports

- SUNNY Pump

- ABBA Ball screw and linear guide

- Rear stop fingers 3 pieces and double linear guide


All factories need to use press brake can choose Electro-Hydraulic CNC Press Brake.

For different kinds of sheet metal bending process.

- Decoration industry: chassis, cabinets, elevator, doors and windows, curtain wall, etc.

- Construction industry: steel structure, , tower, bridge, etc.

- Mechanical equipment manufacturing: environmental protection equipment, animal husbandry equipment, solar energy equipment, heat insulator, transformer, etc.

- Electric appliance and power industry: electric pole, lamp pole, electrical equipment, electronic device, etc.

- Automobile and ship industry

- Aerospace Industry

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