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WDK Servo Hybrid Press Brake Machine

WDK Servo Hybrid Press Brake Machine for Sale, combination of electric servo and hydraulic drive systems for saving energy, low noise, higher efficiency.

WDK Hybrid press brake is the latest generation press brake machine: Independent AC-servo motors drive high efficiency bi-directional hydraulic pumps structure that provide extremely fast bending speed and ultra-high precision. It saves more than 80-85% electricity.

Advantages and differences:

Servo Hybrid Press Brake For Sale is Green, Eco-Friendly, 24hx7days, More than 6 axis CNC

- Energy Saving

When customer consider about choose a hybrid press brake, the first thing to look at is energy saving. Hybrid servo press brake is true green machines.

All the energy output by the oil pump is supplied to the left and right cylinders. The fluid is distributed on demand. No throttling loss. It can realize real energy saving.

The application of servo motor greatly reduces the energy consumption of the system in the working gap. Excellent energy saving effect. Compared with the same model, the energy saving rate reached 70%. For large tonnage, especially heavy-duty CNC bending machine, the advantages are more prominent.

- Cost Saving

There is no requirement for the friction between the left and right cylinders and the synchronism of Y1 and Y2. Each servo motor controls one oil pump and cylinder to ensure the maximum accuracy of the slider.

According to our practical testing, Shenchong servo press brake saves 85% energy in one hour, and 70-80% energy in three hours. This is a very big deal for customers to think about saving energy and operating costs.

- High Efficiency

With AC servo motors, Shenchong Servo Hybrid CNC Press Brake has super high speed. The fastest speed can up to 300mm/s, and machine won't vibrate. It is suitable for high stroke machine models.

- High Accuracy

Hydraulic pump motors are on only when the ram is moving which decreases the power consumption and ensures the stable hydraulic oil temperature in order to consistent bending accuracy. No failure rate. No proportional valve, machine will never vibrate.

In the actual test, the repeated positioning accuracy of the slider is ±0.01mm, and the highest accuracy can reach 0.005mm.

- Stable Temperature

There is almost no energy loss in the servo pump control system. So the whole process will not cause the oil temperature to rise significantly. When the ambient temperature is 38°C, the continuous working oil temperature does not exceed 50°C.

No leakage. Oil won't be hot even use 24hx7days, the hydraulic system is not easy to be fossilized and damaged. Higher stability. Improve the service life of seals and cylinders.

- Quiet (20 dB)

One thing that we love about the servo hybrid press brake WDK is its Eco-friendly. It keeps mute during standby mode and not moving (20 dB only), and running silently to help keep workspace quiet.

Servo Press Brake Main Parts:

- Advanced hydraulic control system

- Japan Mitsubishi servo moto

- Schneider electric components

- Standard MSD laser safety imported from Italy.

- ABBA linear guide and ball screw

- Germany ELGO magnetic grating ruler

- Multi-axis available. Satisfy all work pieces processing.

- More than 6 axis, it can be connected with ROBOT.

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