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CNC Horizontal V Grooving Machine

CNC Horizontal V Grooving Machine is a V-type slotted device designed for metal sheets.

- CNC horizontal groove machine tool adopts high strength steel plate welding. And the welding stress is eliminated by heat treatment insulation tempering. High strength and good stability.

- Machining work pieces are fed from the front end. Hydraulic clamping; hydraulic pressure plate. High degree of automation and easy to operate.

- Independently adjustable working surface.

- Servo-driven tool holder: large moving torque, fast speed of addition and subtraction, precise positioning and high efficiency.

- The spindle adopts gear and rack drive: strong rigidity, small resistance, greatly improve energy efficiency and save energy.

Advantages and differences:

- Suitable for plates less than 3 mm.

- Low requirements for operators.

- When v-grooving, the users don't need to move the sheet metal. And it will not scratch the surface of the plate.

- After grooving, the garbage is easy to clean up.

- The price of horizontal V groove machine is lower than that of vertical type.

- Horizontal v-grooving machine is a good choice for decoration manufacturers.

- High stability, strong rigidity and also convenient in usage.

- The CNC control system has several parameter to choose, big in storage and easy in operation.

- CNC control system has 5 axis is AC servo motor drive, high in control precision.

X1 axis → control beam movement

X2 axis → double drive auxiliary beam movement

Y1 axis → control the left and right movement of the knife beam

Y2 axis → control the movement of the oil cylinder

Z axis → control the upper and lower movement of knife beam

- Has 3-10 cutting structure, greatly improve the cutting working efficiency, and also can promote the cutting quality.

- Use ball-screw and line guide, gear and rack transmission to enhance the machine durability and precision. The repeat positioning accuracy is ±0.01MM.

CNC Horizontal V Grooving Machine Components

- CNC system: Japan

- Hydraulic system: Taiwan famous brand

- Frequency converter: Mitsubishi

- Servo motor: Mitsubishi

- Seal ring: VALQUA, Japan

- Motor: SEW

- Air switch: Schneider

- Contactor: Schneider

- Breaker and button: Schneider

- Relay: Schneider

- Blades: KORLOY, Korea

- Linear guide: HINWIN, Taiwan

- Wire: IGUS, Germany


- Use CNC V Grooving Machine to line and planer v-shaped groove on the position where the metal plate needs to be bent.

- After grooving, you can use the general mold to bending the special closed shape material on the common bending machines.

- The iron plate after grooving is easier to bend. And then, the quality and shape of press brake bending will be better.

- Horizontal groove machine is suitable for slotting large sheet metal with high requirements.

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