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Two CNC press brake machines ordered by Vietnamese customers are delivered! Configuration: WE67K 63Ton 2000mm and 300Ton 4000mm 4+1 axes DELEM DA58T CNC controller, Air cooling device, High pressure filter, Amada quick clamping, MSD laser protection, Custom oil tank
Macedonian customers visited the Shenchong factory. We have established long-term cooperation with distributors in the southern European country of North Macedonia. In March, the European standard CNC press brake machine they ordered was shipped!
CNC press brake in the workshop has been tested and is ready to be sent to the UK! Multi-axis are available: 4 axis, 5 axis, 6 axis, 7 axis, 8 axis.
The shearing machine and bending machine customized by Cameroon customers have been boxed. This hydraulic press brake customer specially customizes the deep throat to match the workpiece.
This red press brake was ordered by a Canadian customer last month. It's almost finished now and ready to ship. The customer requires the whole machine to be UL-certified configuration.
The customized bending machine of Russian customers has finally been delivered! WEK electro-hydraulic series CNC press brake 200Toin 3200mm 4+1 axis ESA S630 MSD laser protection